Why We Love Dry Cleaning Services

Why We Love Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaners offer a variety of services that help keep your wardrobe looking and smelling brand new. Here are some reasons why you should be taking your clothes to the dry cleaners.


We all love nicely pressed clothes that are wrinkle-free; however, many people view the time spent on laundry as time that could be better spent elsewhere. Utilizing dry cleaning allows you to just drop your clothes off and come back and get them later.

Our lives are busy enough as it is, trying to balance work and family. Using a dry cleaning service gives you the peace-of-mind that your clothes will be handled professionally, while you go about your day.

Complimentary Services

Dry cleaners are full-service clothing care specialists. In addition to keeping your clothes looking and smelling fresh, professional dry cleaners can sew on or repair loose buttons and perform alterations. So, if your favourite outfit doesn’t fit quite right, a dry cleaning service can administer alterations that will give you comfort and confidence in your outfit.


Whether it’s removing tough stains or knowing how to best handle different fabrics (leather & suede, wedding dresses and formal wear, etc.), dry cleaners have the knowledge and latest tools required to keep you looking fashionable and help you get the longest life out of your fabrics.

For instance, dry cleaning removes grease and oils from wool fabrics.  Placing wool clothing in the washing machine can cause the clothes to shrink and become distorted. Having a dry cleaning service handle more delicate fabrics, allows your clothes to get cleaned without damaging the fabric.


At Washday we are proud to offer our customers laundry, alteration, dry cleaning and many more services, all under one roof, to make meeting your clothing needs as easy as possible.

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