What’s the Best Detergent for My Baby’s Skin?

What's the Best Detergent for My Baby's Skin

In their first 12 months, a baby’s skin is more susceptible to aggravation from chemicals found in laundry detergents, shampoos and soaps. So, how do we choose the best products to keep our little one’s clothes clean and comfortable?

It’s Beneficial to Switch Your Detergent As Well

For all the soon-to-be parents out there, you might think getting gentle laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes is enough; however, every time you pick up your youngster, they are coming in contact with your clothes as well. So, even if your detergent is not causing you any discomfort, it may contain properties that will cause irritation to your child’s delicate skin.

Opposed to having separate detergents for you and your baby, it is best to choose one safe laundry detergent and use it on everyone’s clothes. This enables you to cuddle with your little one without fear of any detergent residue irritating his or her skin.

What to Look for in Safe Products

Liquid vs Powdered Detergents

Liquid detergents tend to have milder chemical agents than powdered options. Also, look for detergents that list all of their ingredients. Avoid detergents containing optical whiteners, industrial enzymes or synthetic perfumes. These agents can get trapped in clothing and should they get wet can begin to irritate your child’s skin, causing rashes or irritation.

Opt for Fragrance-Free Products

Many detergents incorporate dozens of chemicals that leave your clothes with a pleasant, refreshing fragrance after going through the wash; however, these detergents can cause negative reactions when those agents come in contact with skin.

When looking for the best detergent for your baby, look for labels that say fragrance-free as they are less likely to contain these chemicals that can cause irritation. In general, the more natural the laundry detergent is the less likely your baby is of having any negative reactions to it.

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