What Does Your Laundry Say About You?

What Does Your Laundry Say About?

For many of us, laundry is seen as a necessary evil. In order to have clean clothes to wear and to remove stains and allergens from clothing, laundry is essential. Despite its importance, many of us take vastly different approaches to the activity. So, what do your laundry habits say about what kind of individual you are?

“So Little Time, So Much Laundry to Do”

This tends to be the most common category and many of us may fall under this. Life can be so busy and we often have so many responsibilities, with work, schooling, family commitments and trying to have a social life, finding time for laundry can be a struggle.

Individuals in this category care about their appearance and want to look clean and tidy, so multitasking is an important skill to develop.

“If It Can Wait Until Tomorrow, Don’t Do It Today”

If you belong to this group, you don’t feel any sense of urgency when it comes to laundry. If you’re a laundry procrastinator, you’ll likely find any excuse to put off the chore or to get someone else to do it for you.

To become more diligent and develop a routine with your laundry, consider the following tips:

  • Don’t overstuff the washer or dryer. This will cause your clothes to come out more wrinkled and less clean.
  • Place clothes in color-coded baskets as soon as you take them off. This prevents you from having to sort them come laundry time.

“Dirty Clothes never Hurt Anyone”

If you’re in this category, you view dirty clothes a bit differently than the rest of us. A pile of dirty clothes doesn’t bother you in the least and you’re totally comfortable wearing the same clothes numerous days in a row.

Regardless of what approach you take to your laundry, here at WashDay Laundry Centre we can make your laundry an easy and convenient process! Not only do we offer over 60 coin laundry machines but our friendly staff also provide dry cleaning, full wash and fold services and much more! Come check out Durham Region’s premier laundry facility to see how we can best meet your needs!

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