Utilize the Laundromat to make the Most of the Summer Season

Utilize the Laundromat to Make the Most of the Summer Season

For many families, summer means more dirty laundry. With kids participating in summer sports and playing outside in the sun, going through multiple outfits in a day isn’t uncommon. Although this is a good sign your kids are having fun and making use of the warm weather, it also means more laundry that needs to be done. So, if you’re looking to have fun in the sun and avoid spending your time doing laundry, let us help you!

Create a Schedule

Having a consistent laundry schedule in place, helps maximize your free time throughout the summer. Set aside time for at least one laundromat visit a week. The frequency of your visits will vary depending on the lifestyles of your family members and the number of members in your family; having said that, a schedule helps prevent laundry from piling up, which leads to you having to spend more time playing catch up.

Bring the Kids

Now, for parents the laundromat may seem boring and mundane; however, kids can view a trip to the laundromat as a whole new experience. Take advantage of their excitement by involving them in the process. Kids are more than capable of tasks like loading machines, putting money in the machines and measuring detergent.

Also, while you’re waiting for your clothes to finish bring along a book or games for your kids to play. Not only does this keep them occupied but you can read to them or play along with them, which provide valuable opportunities to connect with your kids.

Implement Strategy

It’s important to remember, Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance! This means having a plan is a must. Taking the time to sort your clothes prior to leaving the house (or even the night before), opting to use the biggest washers to reduce the number of loads you’ll need to do and separating washing loads into smaller amounts for the dryer (to reduce drying time) will cut down on how much time you spend at the laundromat.

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