Tips for Dressing Warm This Winter

Tips for Dressing Warm This Winter

As we get deeper into November, the colder weather is starting to approach. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can stay warm and avoid the winter chills. We’ve put together a list of clothing tips to help you take on winter!

Layer Up

Dressing in multiple layers is a perfect way to retain your body heat and stay warm. On your upper body, a great way to layer up is by starting with a t-shirt as the base layer, adding a long sleeve shirt on top of it, and topping it off with a thick sweater. With your legs, a longer pair of underwear along with a pair of long johns or tights and warm pants on top of that should do the trick for your lower body! Also, always remember a pair of warm socks, gloves, and a hat so your whole body is covered.

Pay Extra Attention to your Hands and Feet

Often our hands and feet get the coldest the quickest, and there is nothing worse than freezing cold fingers and toes! That’s why it’s important to pay extra attention to keeping them warm. Besides just one pair of gloves, a great way to keep your fingers warm is to wear a pair of thin gloves underneath your normal gloves for extra layers. You can also put a pair of mittens on top of your gloves to really keep in the heat. For your feet, wear thick, fuzzy socks that will keep in the heat. You can even double these up by wearing a thin pair of socks underneath the thicker ones. Top it off by wearing insulated winter boots and you won’t have to worry about cold feet!

Plan Outfits the Day Before

When we’re running late in the morning, we tend to try to get dressed as quickly as possible which often results in forgetting to add layers. To avoid this problem, lay out the layers you plan on wearing for the day the night before. This way you won’t need to stress about finding and pulling out all the different pieces of clothing you’ll need to stay warm!

With more layers comes more laundry! Here at WashDay Laundry Centre, we can take care of all your winter laundry needs so you’ll always be prepared to tackle the cold with clean clothes!

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