The Do’s and Dont’s of Folding Laundry

The Do's and Dont's of Folding Laundry

Is today laundry day in your home? Even after all the clothes have been washed and dried, the laundry process is not yet complete! There’s still the task of properly folding and hanging all those clothes to properly hold their shape until they’re worn. Use the following tips to ensure all your clean clothes are correctly stored away for a fresh, crumple-free look!

Don’t Let Clothes Sit in the Dryer

When left to sit in the dryer, clothes will begin to wrinkle. To keep your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free, it’s best to remove them as soon as their cycle in the dyer is complete.

Consider the Fabric of Clothing

The fabric clothing is made from impacts its folding ability. Slippery items that don’t hold their fold well are best hung. This prevents clothing from becoming wrinkled. Silk, polyester and nylon are examples of fabrics that don’t fold well and are best hung. Fabrics such as knits and sturdy sweaters can be folded without concern for creases.

Avoid the Top Shelf

For all the tall people out there, you can ignore this part; however, for the rest of us, although the top shelf can seem like great storage space for clothes opt for a lower shelf. Many of us have probably experienced the situation of stacking clothes on a high shelf, only to knock the whole pile over when reaching for one of the items. Opting for a more convenient shelf or drawer can prevent you from having to refold clothes you keep knocking over.

Don’t Roll Your Socks in a Ball

Last but certainly not least are socks. Balling up your socks stretches out their elastics. The best folding method for your socks is to put them together and fold them in half.

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