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Make Your Laundromat Trips Easier

Tips for an easier laundromat trips

Let’s be honest – going to a laundromat is nobody’s favorite activity! But it doesn’t always have to be that way, especially when you apply a few hacks to make the whole process easier. Check out these 5 great tips for making your visits to the laundromat a little bit easier:


Set a schedule well in advance

All of us are busy, aren’t we? If yours is an overly busy schedule and you get stuck for time when it comes to laundry, set up a day or two ahead of time. Scheduling your time for laundry will not only help keep you organized and on task, there will be no excuses for not getting it done!


Presort the clothes at home

If you want to be more detailed, schedule your laundry type as well, such as: sheets, whites, darks, towels, etc. Believe us – this works! Sorting your laundry at home will save you time. This way when you arrive at the laundromat it will be pre organized and ready to go.


Don’t let it pile up

Having massive piles of laundry can wear on you if you’re seeing it day in, day out. Use laundry baskets; place them where easily accessible by all!  The idea is to prepare yourself for the next visit to your neighborhood laundromat when you see the baskets overflowing.


Get help from kids

If you have kids, engage them into your laundry chores! They can help with folding, sorting and putting away clothes. They will develop a new skill and you will save time on tasks you would usually do yourself.


Schedule a free pick-up & delivery

If your neighborhood laundromat offers free pick-up and delivery make the most of it! Life will be a lot easier and you will have time for things that you really love to do. At Washday Laundry Centre, we offer a full-service wash and fold service with FREE pick-up and delivery.


For your next trip, keep these tips handy.


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