How to Preserve Your Clothes

How to Preserve Your Clothes

From sweat to dirt particles that become trapped in your clothes to food that happened to get on your favourite shirt, our clothes go through a lot on a daily basis. Here are some tips you can use to keep your preserve your clothes cleanliness for as long as possible!

Rotate Through Your Wardrobe

We all have our favourite shirt and pants but resist the urge to wear them over and over again! Rotating through different clothes prevents your garments from accumulating dirt and requiring a trip to the washing machine sooner than later.

Have Good Storage Habits

Fold heavy clothes, such as sweaters. It may seem ideal to hang your favourite sweaters to prevent them from getting scrunched in a drawer; however, heavier clothing can become stretched out in a closet. This process can potentially be made worse when they are then put in the wash.

Apply Makeup after Getting Dressed

Cosmetics, such as makeup and lipstick, can cause stains and discolouration–should they get on your clothing. Your best option is to change first and then wear a robe over your outfit, as you apply your makeup. This allows you to keep your face looking great and your clothes cosmetic-free.

Hang for Air Circulation

Unless you have been in a situation that promotes sweating (i.e., rigorous physical activity or hot temperatures), consider hanging the article of clothing to allow fresh air to circulate through it. This technique is especially effective with jeans, which can be aired–opposed to being washed after every wear.

When Choosing Your Outfit Consider Fabric

Certain materials are more durable than others. For example, the natural fibers in wool are more resistant to stains, odours and moisture than other options.

Integrate these tips into your laundry cycle will help keep your clothes looking, smelling and feeling fresh for as long as possible.

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