Is pick-up and delivery free?
Yes, both pick-up and delivery are free. Please email us to see if you fall within our coverage area.

Why does WashDay prefer Eco Spring Dry Cleaning?
Eco Spring is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that uses non-toxic liquid silicone that degrades back into sand, water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, our cleaning process is safe for the air, water and soil. Our Eco Spring Cleaning system loosens and removes soil particles from fabrics without degrading or damaging textile fibers. Fabrics also have the added bonus of no conventional dry cleaning smells. Fabrics are cleaner, fresher, and last longer.

Does frequent dry cleaning shorten a garment’s life?
Since our Eco Spring Dry Cleaning process uses non-hazardous chemicals, fabrics and textiles will have a longer life expectancy. Regular cleaning also prolongs the life of a garment by removing ground-in dirt and stains that would normally wear the textile fibers and cause further damage.

Does WashDay have regular pickup and delivery schedules?
At WashDay we offer different types of pick-up and delivery services. We can visit you once or twice a week, or on an on-call basis. Pickup and delivery days can vary depending on your delivery address. We can arrange pickup and delivery options that best suit your needs.

How do I arrange for Pickup and Delivery service?
Our FREE Pickup and Delivery service is perfect for the busy lifestyles.
– Simply follow the link on our website to place your order for Pickup and Delivery
– Call our customer service at 1.800.335.5356 to set up your account.

Can I return the clear plastic bags and hangers that come with my cleaned garments?
We are happy to recycle the hangers and plastic that we supply with your dry cleaning orders.

Do I need to be there when you pickup and deliver to my location?
We can pickup or deliver your garments in a covered area designated by you.