Does Your Child’s Favourite Stuffed Toy Need a Trip to the Laundromat?

Does Your Child's Favourite Stuffed Toy Need a Trip to the Laundromat

For many kids, stuffed toys are a source of comfort and with their favourite one in hand, they fear nothing. Their stuffed toy accompanies them outside to play in the dirt, goes on long car rides with them and then finds its way back in their bed for a good night sleep at the end of the day.

Having an item that provides your child with comfort and encouragement is awesome; however, the dirt and bacteria that accumulates on its surface are far less awesome. Every now and then your child’s partner-in-crime (or in fun activities) needs a good cleaning to avoid transferring bacteria to your little one and getting them sick. So, here’s how to wash your child’s stuffed toy at the laundromat!

Examining Stuffed Animals Before Putting Them in the Wash

Examine for loose threads and tears that could cause the toy to rip open in the machine. Also look for loose parts, such as eyes, noses or an arm, as they could also tear off in the wash. To avoid damage in the wash, make sure to sew on any loose ends prior to placing the item in the wash.

Also, make sure to remove any electronic parts from the toy, prior to throwing it in the wash. If electronic parts cannot be fully removed, it’s best to wash it by hand to avoid damaging its mechanics.

Using the Laundromat Washing Machine

If you’ve examined the toy and confirmed there are no fragile parts or electronic components, the stuffed toy is now ready to be washed in the washer. Opt for a front loader–they are gentler and will prevent damage to toys.

Placing the stuffed toy in a mesh laundry bag prior to putting it in the washing machine also goes a long way to keep it in good condition. For colourful toys, use cold water to prevent colours from running.

You’ll want to AVOID PUTTING STUFFED TOYS IN THE DRYER, as the temperature is too hot and can ruin them.

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