Can I Put My Shoes in the Washing Machine

Can I put my shoes in the washing machine

Are your favourite pair of sneakers so dirty it’s hard to make out their original colour? Much like our shirts and pants, sneakers are subjected to our sweat and dirt through daily use, but can we wash them the same way?

Can My Shoes Go in the Wash?

Whether or not shoes can be washed in the machine is highly dependent on the sneaker’s material. Leather or suede shoes can be damaged by the water. Also, any shoes with embellishments should be cleaned by hand to avoid damaging the design. On the other hand, trainers or shoes made out of cotton, nylon and polyester can tolerate the washing machine.

Prepare Your Shoes for the Washing Machine

Prior to your shoes going in the washing machine, scrub off any excess dirt with a toothbrush or cloth. This step goes a long way in making the washing machine more effective when you throw them in there.  Next, the laces should be removed from the shoe and placed in a mesh laundry bag. Your shoes can also be placed in a mesh bag, which prevents them from getting caught on the side of the drum during the cycle.

Prep the Washing Machine

Washing your shoes in cooler water prevents the colours from running or fading. Use a good detergent, but cut the amount in half. This load will be substantially smaller than your usual load so no need to use a large amount.

Air Dry

Once your shoes have completed their washing cycle, opt to let them air dry over placing them in the dryer. A dryer’s high temperatures can cause the glue on the shoes to melt, compromising their shape and integrity. It’s best to put your shoes in a warm dry place, with some scrunched up newspaper or cloths in your shoes. This helps absorb access moisture and enables the shoes to keep their form as they dry out.

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